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*Conditions apply
ContentDriver's license and Age Rules
In order to rent CMDR group vehicles, a valid driver's license older than 2 years and at least 23 years of age are required..
Rent Durations
Minimum renting duration is 24 hours.
Additional Drivers
In case people, other than the person who rented the car would like to drive the vehicle, their driver's license information should be on the contract as well and this process is subject to additional fees. If this rule is violated, in case of an accident, all insurance policies will be invalid and both the person who rented the vehicle and the driver(s) will be responsible together and in separate.
Late Returns
In vehicle returns, up to 2 hours of delay is tolerated and is not subject to fines. Delays over 2 hours are accounted as 1 whole day and additional fees apply.
The payment in total is paid by American Express, Visa, Eurocard, Master Card, Access or any other known credit card as the contract is prepared.
Traffic Fines
All liabilities and fines due to violation of the traffic rules fall under the renter's responsibility. Elapsed time due to the detention of the vehicles by local and/or official authorities for any reason is considered within the contract duration.
Important Notes
In case of theft or any accident, the vehicle should not be moved and the closest police station should be informed in order to obtain necessary theft, accident and alcohol test reports. Otherwise, all insurance will be invalid and any damage including damage to third parties will be collected from the renter.